The command, alpine,  may be used to read your mail.

   The mail server is  Use the POP3 or IMAP  with SSL. 
	Mail certificates for IMAPs, POP3s  are (send a mail to system admin for
        a password to unlock the files,

  • Mail Certificate for grad: POP3s
  • Mail Certificate for grad: IMAPs
  • For outgoing mail, use the campus mail relay server, To forward your mail to another PC, put a file, .forward, in your home area. The file should have a line, e.g. Use the Window Secure Shell Login (ssh, see to login to the grad.


          yppasswd  or
                    ssh  to  grad14  and  use  yppasswd to change your password.
                    (e.g.  ssh -l username
                    If you forgot your password,  send me a mail and wait for
                    further instruction.  The password cannot be given over 
                    the network.


              The command is  lpr   filename_to_print
                              lpq   for the status of the printer queue,
    			  lprm  entry#  to cancel your job.

    scratch area:

    You may use a common scratch disk to store your files, use the command,
               mkdir /misc/scr/your_name
    	   mkdir /misc/scr7/temp/your_name.  
    This scratch area is subject to periodic purging (about 4 or more months) or whenever the disk is full.

    zip drive:

    An Iomega zip drive is available on Dell PC, you may use a 100 MB or a 200 MB diskette to store your files. Use the command, mount /mnt/zip.


    	ssh grad14    (login to grad14 to check it)
    If your disk quota is exceeded, you may not be able to login as a x-window client. try a Window PC and do a secure-shell login (ssh). Next, connect to grad14 using ssh, try
    	du | less		-- disk usage
    	rm file-name-to-remove

    CD-ROM Writer:

            Please use GRAD12/Window  or Linux/xcdroast to write your CDROM disk.

    v0.4 05/16/2006 Kim Ng