Linux account after graduation

Typically, we would like to keep your account active one year after you have finished your work here. It may be longer if your mail account is active, this hopefully would give you sufficient time to move and backup your files.

Currently, there are more than 8 Gb of daily backup mail files from the older users. We would need to reduce the flow of spam mails as well.

Please delete those spam mails in your account (for those old mail users), and subscribe to the anti-spam filter system. You can register them at, Mails -> Login -> Register

If you are not planning to continue to use the account after leaving the department, no reply to this mail is required (registration not done on the filter system). All your files will be backup and the account will be disabled. We would process the accounts in several stages, starting with the oldest accounts on the grad.physics server.

The above message may affect your linux account in the forseeable future.

Thank you for your attention. Please let me know if you need more information regarding your account.

Notes:  If this message appears when you logon remotely, you
        can delete this message from an entry in your file